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Black & Decker CM1650B
Price range:
$57.59 - $60.27
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Summary: This Black & Decker 12-cup drip model has:
  • auto-shutoff
  • a water filter
  • a permanent filter.
  • an indicator to tell you when cleaning is needed
  • a cone-type filter.
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Type: 8- to 14-cup drip coffeemakers with carafe
About - Black & Decker CM1650B

The Black & Decker CM1650B is part of the coffeemaker test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, drip coffeemaker models like the CM1650B are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Brew performance:
The ability to reach 195° to 205° F for five or six minutes, the industry standard for optimal brewing.

Reflects ease of filling the reservoir, placing the filter, gauging the amount of coffee remaining, and cleaning up. It also reflects how clear we judged the controls.

Carafe handling:
Covers handle comfort, tendency to drip while pouring, balance of a full carafe, and how easy it was to empty the last liquid. Models with no score here brew into single-serve cups or are brew-and-dispense models. The latter hold the coffee in a tank; you fill your cup by pressing it against the dispenser lever.
About This Brand

The second-largest brand of coffeemakers is now part of the new Applica Organization, which includes the Salton brands. Black & Decker offers a wide range of very affordable products through retailers such as Target, Walmart, department stores, and many online retailers. Prices range from $15 to $90.

Features & Specs - Black & Decker CM1650B
info Programmable Yes
info Thermal carafe/mug No
info Small-batch setting Yes
info Brew-strength control Yes
info Dispenser-style No
info Dimensions H x W x D (in.) 15 x 9 x 10
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User Reviews - Black & Decker CM1650B
User Reviews
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Well satisfied so far....
No-drip pouring
Best Uses
THIS THING ABSOLUTELY POURS WITHOUT DRIPPING (UNLIKE OUR PRIOR MR. COFFEE)Today I am trying to buy a replacement charcoal filter which hangs in the H2O tank. At $12 - it is way, way too much $$$ for a simple [$] coffee maker.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)
Great Coffee, Easy To Use & Functional
Cleaning Program
Drop In Coffee Basket
Durable Convenient
Easy Set Up
Easy to Read LED
Fine Mesh Basket
Loud Audible Beep
Many Personal Choices
No drip carafe
No Messes
Personalize Your Coffee
Plug In Charcoal Filter
Protected Carafe
Useable Features
Use With Without Filter
I didn't find it sooner
Wish Handle Had No Metal
Wish it was cheaper
Best Uses
Additional Brew Features
Easy Drop In Basket
Everything Is Well Made
Loud Audible Tones
NO Drip Carafe
No Messy Cleanups
Ultimate Convenience
I use this coffee pot everyday...<br /><br />It comes with easy a fine mesh drop in filter with easy to use handle for removal of spent grounds. You can use a coffee filter or not, but I'm using one lately, so I can drink all of it without 1 ounce lost. This way coffee impurties are removed & no sediments at all. A cone shape filter is the size, but I've found it's not necessary kind that must be used. <br /><br />The handle can get hot being that it has metal on it when I overfill the pot. Just one bad thing to be aware of. The handle itself is very sturdy plastic, but has a metal cover to flow with other metal accents. I fill the pot to the brim everyday & if I wait to long to get my 1st cup out, usually at 3/4 of the way done, I should be using a hotpad. <br /><br />I have found any coffeepot with electronic components under a carafe heating plate don't holdup. Every now & then we have a coffee or a water spill. Electronic components WILL NOT hold up so we're wasting our $$ money on these models with these features. Electric devices that allow moisture to get in then won't work because of a NO go feature I'm thinking & probably you as well? <br /><br />Then you have the style of coffee makers that require your coffee basket, charcoal filter on top, & the water spray arm seated just right in the coffee maker or watchout it won't work correctly. You know it, you have maker leaking water all over the counter, coffee grounds spewing all over inside & reservoir tank. You've got a huge mess to clean up, mess on your counter, electrical device mixing with water, must thoroughly clean the inside of the pot out, & completely start the whole process all over again. Again, it can happen again, if everything is NOT alligned just right. A total waste of our time, $$ on coffee, & so on with these types of models. Forget them & forego these messes & potential messes. You cannot be guaranteed this will not happen again either...why bother with them? I looked for a model that steered me clear of these arrangements. They DO not make superior coffee either for all the hassles they cause too often. <br /><br />This B&D model here relieves messes, you could make it with your eyes closed. I've wasted my $$$ money on these models above to learn they're a waste for many varied reasons. I believe in function, convenience, reliability, end results & value for money spent absolutely. <br /><br />Convenience in every coffee brewed...<br />Lift the lid, pour the water in, drop in your coffee with or without filter, shut the lid & push button to turn it on. Within minutes you have coffee without all the messes like most models anymore that's as good as the day you bought it...good stuff with this model! <br /><br />Personalize it to fit your needs with brew times, size of batches, warming times & good coffee everytime.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
(3 of 3 customers found this review helpful)
Convenient, No Clogs &amp; Modestly Priced
Best Uses
I use this product everyday & sometimes more. I have found that it's very well made, sturdy, while being awesomely convenient for my coffee brewing needs. I can make consecutive pots of great coffee without having to empty the coffee grounds basket each time & that is my added dynamic benefit I like very well. I've had many coffee makers over the years, & not many have withstood me making consecutive pots without changing the paper filter without clogging. I can use a paper filter or I don't have to, but it's extra nice that it's not required to make a good pot of coffee. This model comes with a fine mesh screen, easily cleans that fits securely into it's sturdy assembly. It's so quick to load my scoop of coffee easily right into the basket multiple times over. I've witnessed it can handle it, make good coffee & won't clog doing this, a big convenience for me. Another added bonus, is that I do not have to ensure I get some arm, some cover or any other apperatus just right to brew coffee so it works correctly saving myself a watery coffee mess that goes everywhere but in my carafe. My results have been good coffee in my carafe everytime, yeah! No drippy messes either. It's an easy well engineered sturdy coffee maker I have found. I don't use the programable settings often, but is available when I choose to use this feature. I have to say I do like the carafe most especially on this model that it pours exceptionally well even when it's very full. The carafe handle looks nice, feels balanced, easy to hold & handle for me. An additional feature is you can tell immediately when your carafe is or is not seated properly in & under your coffee maker. Coffee maker features that I sought out due to past failures of them were ensuring that the electronics are not underneath the carafe area itself, it pours very well at all times, good coffee, programmable, & modestly priced. I've ruined several coffee makers that get clogged easily while then making their watery coffee messes that go all over while ruining my coffee makers prematurely due to the electronics being underneath the carafe & hot plate.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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