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Whirlpool WFE720H0AS
Price range:
$1,074.60 - $1,318.90
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Summary: This Whirlpool freestanding electric smoothtop range has the following:
• 4 surface cooking elements
• Among surface elements, 2 high-powered element(s).
• Warming element on cooktop
• One or more expandable cooktop elements.
• Convection oven mode.
• Warming drawer.
• Touchpads for setting oven temperature.
• No high-temperature oven self-cleaning function.
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Type: Smoothtop, single oven (30-inch)
About - Whirlpool WFE720H0AS

The Whirlpool WFE720H0AS is part of the kitchen range test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, electric range models like the WFE720H0AS are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Cooktop high:
This reflects how quickly the most powerful element could raise a 6-liter (6 1/3 quart) pot of water from room temperature to a near boil.

Cooktop low:
This reflects the ability of the lowest power element to melt and hold chocolate without scorching it. We also set the most powerful element to its lowest setting to test its ability to hold a large pot of tomato sauce below a boil.

This reflects the evenness of cookies and cakes in multi-rack baking tests.
About This Brand

This midlevel, mass-market brand sells appliances priced between $500 and $1,500. Whirlpool’s freestanding ranges offer features such as hidden bake elements, power burners, and convection technology. Whirlpool introduced a range designed specifically for the Hispanic consumer in 2006 and features English and Spanish controls, as well as a comal for heating tortillas.

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Features & Specs - Whirlpool WFE720H0AS
info Double oven No
info Cooking drawer No
info High-power elements 2
info Medium-power elements 0
info Low-power elements 2
info Convection mode Yes
info Slide-in No
info Stainless steel available Yes
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User Reviews - Whirlpool WFE720H0AS
User Reviews
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(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)
Great Range
Attractive Design
Heats Up Quickly
High-Powered Burners
Large Surface Area
Best Uses
I replaced our 15 year-old Kenmore with this Whirlpool. I love this range! It is very attractively designed and I am looking forward to cooking in this extra large oven for the holidays. The burners feature a rapid boil on one of the burners and a 3-level large burner in the front. It has a warming spot and two other smaller burners. The burners are responsive and give very accurate heat. The oven is very accurate in baking temp. The convection feature is great for baking and crisping main dish foods. Others commented that the digital controls are difficult to use, but I haven't had any problems with them. You just have to remember to control the timer with the timer button only. I haven't needed to use the cleaning feature yet, but I suspect you need to use it more often whenever you see spilled food on the bottom of the oven and not wait until there is a mess. It heats and steams, not burning off food like the old electriclean. Incidentally, the electriclean on my old one kicked in by itself and nearly burned up the range. That is why we got rid of it. The electriclean can be dangerous if it overheats. Had to turn off the breaker to get it to quit! I am hoping the steam Aqualift system will work.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Blind Baker
Heats Up Quickly
Large Surface Area
Cooktop Is Always Dirty
Difficult To Clean
Lettering Is Too Small
Best Uses
Smaller Kitchens
I bought this without doing any comparison buying. My previous coil-top range was overheating and the coils were not laying flat. The range looks nice, but in my kitchen, the lettering for the controls is difficult to read. i need to always have the microwave light on to read it. Also, the first time, i baked a cake, i put the timer on for 50 minutes, which accidentally changed the temp from 375 to 500 degrees. Luckily i was in the kitchen and smelled the cake burning before disaster struck. The clock function is not intuitive- it actually turns the oven off. I always have to double check that i set it right and I'm an engineer. I end up using the timer instead of the clock.<br />The other major problem that i have with this range is that i find the cooktop difficult to keep clean. I have tried several cook-top cleaners which don't work well. Whirlpool only recommends their cleaner, which i need to order.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
(2 of 3 customers found this review helpful)
Very disappointed
Difficult To Clean
Itsy Bitsy Bottom Drawer
No Light On Cooktop
Best Uses
We just purchased a WFE710H0AH, effectively identical to the 720, but available in White Ice, Whirlpool's new white & stainless colour. We purchased it to replace our 20-year old GE with solid burners, which worked well but was getting old and awful looking. <br /><br />I have to say, the white and stainless colour combination is very attractive. The oven is also huge, which is great; it has a middle rack where one side can be removed, so you can cook a turkey and have enough room left over for 4 additional pans (one on each of the bottom and middle, two on top). Very cool feature.<br /><br />But there's a lot of disappointment here. <br /><br />The first thing we noticed after connecting the stove: no fluorescent light to light up the cooktop! Since we don't have a range hood with a light, this was a big issue. Then I tried to put in all the pans we'd previously had in our oven drawer. Thanks to the huge oven, the drawer has only about 1/3 the height, so we could barely put in anything. I would gladly have given up 3 more inches of oven height to get it back in the drawer.<br /><br />The side of my stove is partially visible, and I have to say it looks very cheap and chintzy. That should not be the case for a manufacturer's higher-end stove.<br /><br />I haven't experienced the low-temperature cleaning issues yet, but as an engineer, I have to ask: Whirlpool, what were you thinking? We keep the bottom of our stove covered with aluminum foil (or did with our last stove, which had an exposed element), so cleaning the bottom was never the issue. The issue is sides, top and racks. How does your new process deal with these? Not very well, it appears. Back to using Easy-off, I guess.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
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