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Honda HRX217VKA
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Summary: This Honda 21-inch, self-propelled mower has multiple speeds and rear-wheel drive. It has a premium engine.
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Type: Gas multiple speeds self-propelled mower
About - Honda HRX217VKA

The Honda HRX217VKA is part of the lawn mower & tractor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, self propelled mower models like the HRX217VKA are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Reflects a combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how completely the mower distributed its clippings over the lawn's surface.

Denotes a combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how much clippings the bag held before it filled or the chute clogged.

Side discharging:
A combination of evenness, which is how close the mowers came to even, carpet-like mowing, and how evenly clippings were dispersed from the side-discharge chute.
About This Brand

Honda is a prominent engine maker and sells a premium line of lawn mowers. Honda lawn mowers are known for innovative features and come at premium prices. Honda makes gas-powered lawn mowers with unique drive systems, mulch control, and steel and plastic decks. Honda does not make electric mowers. Honda mowers are among the most expensive on the market. Honda mowers are sold through dealers and Home Depot.

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Features & Specs - Honda HRX217VKA
info Forward speeds Variable
info Drive wheels rear
info Deck size (in.) 21
info Engine size 190
info Engine manufacturer Honda
info Electric start No
info Blade brake clutch No
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User Reviews - Honda HRX217VKA
User Reviews
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Nice but not extraordinary
Adjustable Cut-Lengths
Easy to Push & Steer
Ergonomic Grips
No Brake Clutch
No Gas Guage
Best Uses
Small Lawns
I'm not the kind of guy who drops $600 on a lawn mower. The reason I did this time was my 1/2 acre lot is split between woods and grass and tends to fill up with leaves in the fall. This mower is designed to do a good job with leaves. Also, it's noted to be the most reliable brand and I do not want to waste time and money in the repair shop.<br /><br />So far, so good. The mower has tackled large grass and is sucking up a good number of the leaves. I have not had any maintenance issues. However a few small details are annoying:<br /><br />- There is no gas gauge. If you're not careful you'll get gas all over it.<br />- There is no brake clutch. So I have to start it a lot.<br />- It's not a perfect cut. I see plenty of bent blades.<br />- Draining the oil requires turning it on it's side.<br />- I feel it could have a higher speed. <br /><br />Overall I would probably buy it again, but I do wonder if I'd have the same results with another brand that cost half as much.
How long have you owned it:
Three-to-six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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What a Pain!
Adjustable Cut-Lengths
Great Honda Engine
Cuts Unevenly
Hurts Thumbs Wrists
Jerky Transitions
Best Uses
After my 18 year old John Deere self-propelled walk-behind finally died, I purchased this model at the Orange Box Store on CR's Recommendation. <br /><br />Kept it three weeks (5 mows) and returned it to the vendor (they have a 30-day return policy). The thumb-operated butterfly paddle control for the transmission speed select is the worst idea ever! Hard to control at slower speeds...if you have an uneven lawn (like most of us)when you roll over a bumpy section it will buck the mower against your hands causing the paddle to rotate down increasing speed randomly. The first time it just about jerked out of my hands (note: I am an athletic 62). I tried several hand positions and adjusting the paddle height...no help...still a bad idea. My thumbs and wrists ached half-way through a mow and downright hurt at completion of each mowing. The twin blade system is marketing hype. After mowing, the lawn had random blades and patches still standing proudly above the rest of the lawn (the lawn was dry - not wet with dew, rain, watering, etc). Reminded my spouse of the old shag, layered haircut look. The Nexite deck is a good idea, however, it scratches badly when you have to mow against the house or fencing. Other than the random blades of grass remaining after mowing it mulches like a champ. The control to select bagging or mulching is well-placed and easy to manipulate. I did not have any of the warm re-start issues other reviewers have reported. It started on the first or second gentle pull every time. <br /><br />I replaced this mower with the Toro Personal Pace model# 20382 - with the Honda engine. Same easy starting and the Personal Pace transmission system does NOT hurt to use...at all.<br /><br />At the end of the day if a mower is hard to control, cuts unevenly and causes personal pain...no matter how good the other features are...I cannot recommend it to anyone.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
(1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)
Very versatile mower
Auto Choke
Easy Speed Controls
Great At Mulching And Bag
Rear Wheels Tread
Best Uses
Ive had this mower for over 3 years now. I didn't look at any reviews, I just bought it from Home Depot. At the time, they had one model above this one, which had a cruise control setting. It looked overly complicated, and I didn't need it for the extra $100 in price.<br /><br />What I love about this mower is the ease of switching from bagging to mulching. You can even set it in the middle, to pickup some cliippings overflow, while still trying to mulch.<br /><br />It's always starts first pull, even on slow or sloppy pulls. Great engine, great twin-blade setup, great Nexite deck. My only complaints would be the rear wheels could have better tread. On an incline when the grass is wet, it can spin the wheels a bit trying to get traction.
How long have you owned it:
More than six months
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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